The technology team at Accolade Wireless has a wealth of experience and expertise in Wireless networking and product development. Below is an overview of overall experience.

Wireless Networking

Supporting global Wireless LAN deployments in North America, Europe & Asia.

Client: One of World’s largest Airport in Europe

  • 500+ Access Points.
  • Internet speed issues for Airport users.
  • Controller firmware issues, cluster sync issues were detected and rectified.
  • Issues due to different makes of Access Points(AP) was competently addressed

Client: One of World’s Largest Airport in USA

  • 500+ Access Points.
  • Frequent network disconnection problems for Wi-Fi users of Airport was resolved.
  • Integration issues between SMS gateway and Wireless Controller was resolved.

Client: Middle-East Oil Giant

  • The company went for expansion from 15 to 100+ Access Points.
  • Cluster syncing of multi-brand APs were addressed
  • Load balancing issues between 2 wireless controllers were successfully addressed

Client: Indian Software Giant

  • Multiple sites with 1000s of wireless users
  • Many issues related to network speed, latency and stability were reported
  • Firmware problem with the central wireless controller was detected & rectified

Tools Used: Iperf,  Jperf, Wireshark, Kali-Linux, Alpha Card, AirPcap etc

Wireless Product Development

Client: Europe’s leading Telecom provider

Product: Wireless Residential/ Commercial Gateways

  • Guided Software Team on Firmware Design
  • Tested final product to conform with latest IEEE Standards
  • Carried out pre-certification testing to conform with Wi-Fi Alliance guidelines
  • Upgraded gateways from IEEE 802.11n to 802.11ac
  • Implemented Enterprise authentication features with GRE tunnelling method

Client: USAs Top 3 Telecom Provider

Product: Wireless Residential Gateway

Fixing Issues with Wireless Gateways, including problems in

  • Wireless Range
  • Interference
  • Data rates
  • Triple-play

Client: Middle-East Telecom Giant

Product: Wireless Residential Gateway

  • Upgrading Wireless Gateways from IEEE 802.11g to 802.11n
  • Testing of upgraded gateways to conform with IEEE /Wi-Fi Alliance Standards

Client: Italian Telecom Giant

Product: Wireless Residential Gateway

  • A new service offering required new features to be integrated in the gateways.
  • The hardware/firmware changes were analysed, implemented, tested and delivered

Tools Used: IxChariot, Spirent TestCenter, Ixia, Codenomicon, InSSIDer etc

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