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Quality data access in educational institutes is a non-negotiable requirement. The students, staff, guest lecturers and other visitors need un-interrupted data connectivity in various labs, lecture halls, auditoriums, cafeteria, staff rooms, congregation areas, hostels, visitor areas etc for accessing large amounts of audio, video, databases and portals from internal servers as well as from Internet for  educational and research purposes. Also the number of simultaneous connections may even cross thousands in large institutes during peak hours. With large areas of land to be covered, structured cabling may not be economically and practically viable. With lots of young users full of creative energy, the networks should also be guarded against intrusion and hacking.

Accolade Wireless can help Institutions to blanket their campuses with WLAN(WiFi) that is secure, stable and reliable. We can effectively implement best practices like Radio Frequency management, Channel Utilisation Management and various authentication protocols for a world class wireless experience. We can implement counter measures for rogue usage and for tracking authorised and unauthorised users across the network.  We can securely interconnect various buildings, workshops and auditoriums through Point to Point Wireless and Point to Multipoint technologies for a completely wire-free experience.