Wireless Network Security Design

Wireless network security solutions varies for different wireless network implementations like small business, home offices, large enterprises, public networks and remote access.

Accolade Wireless can make sure that your network handles the Authentication and Key Management (AKM) components and processes including encryption, handshakes and pre-shared key management.

Based on your requirement & criticality we would suggest the best wireless security characteristics of IEEE 802.1X and EAP and the processes used including EAP types (PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST and EAP-SIM), AAA servers (RADIUS), TACACS/TACACS+ and certificate management.

We can recognize and understand requirements of VPNs in wireless networks, including remote Access Points, VPN client access, WLAN controllers and cloud architectures and suggest the best one to suite your needs.

We also closely work with security features in WLAN infrastructure and access devices, including management frame protection, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Fast BSS transition (pre-authentication & OKC), physical security methods, Network Access Control (NAC), Guest access networks and BYOD support, including segmentation, guest management, captive portal authentication and device management.

As per your requirement we can help you to configure the Centrally-managed client-side security applications, including VPN client software and policies, personal firewall software, mobile device management (MDM) and wireless client utility software.

Wireless Network Attacks & Threats

Accolade Wireless can handle the network attacks in wired and wireless networks, including DoS, phishing, protocol weaknesses and configuration error exploits. We can help you to identify the attacks and describe their impact on WLANs, including PHY and MAC DoS, hijacking, unauthorized protocol analysis, eavesdropping, social engineering, man-in-the-middle attacks, authentication and encryption cracks, rogue hardware, etc.,

We can also work with you to implement the preventative measures required for common vulnerabilities on wireless infrastructure devices, including weak/default passwords on wireless infrastructure equipment and misconfiguration of wireless infrastructure devices by administrative staff.

We can help you with risk analysis and risk mitigation procedures, including asset management, risk ratings, loss expectancy calculations and risk management planning. Also we can demonstrate the security vulnerabilities associated with public Wifi access/ other unsecured wireless networks, like using WLAN for spam transmission, malware injection, information theft, peer-to-peer attacks and Internet attacks.