healthcare hospital wifi wireless survey

Hospitals and other healthcare units deal with critical lifesaving work. Fail-proof and uninterrupted data access becomes a paramount need in such locations. There would be various hospital blocks which need to be covered with wifi and there would be many medical devices which transmit data wirelessly. In-house doctors, visiting experts and other healthcare workers would be highly mobile inside the premises and they would need access to life-critical patient records, medical images and videos from various locations inside the hospital premises.  Also hospital is a place where there would be lots of radio and physical interferences for wireless networks due to the presence of multitude of electronic devices, monitors, meters, along with structures made of metal, glass, plastics, stones, vegetation etc.

Accolade Wireless can implement an effective WLAN(WiFi) in such a challenging environment. A detailed site survey will help us ascertain the actual challenges of networking the healthcare facility by discovering the radio frequency interferences, physical interferences, blind spots, rogue access points etc. We will then be able to design and deliver a wireless network conforming to highest security and data access standards. The doctors would be able to access information without any interference and packet drops throughout the hospital premises. Life-saving data can be securely delivered to the right users at the right time.