shipping port wifi wireless survey

Shipping Ports and Terminals are usually located in remote areas of a country on the shoreline. The campus area usually runs into 100s of acres of land with few blocks of indoor office space. The Wireless needs are usually for outdoor data transfers and for the purpose will require rugged devices that can withstand the harsh seashore environment.

Accolade Wireless can execute professional Site Surveys and recommend the right solution for all Wireless communication needs in ports and terminals. Be it for internally communicating with heavy machinery involved in core operations or for employee information access, we can implement Wireless networks with the required capacity from top outdoor brands.

We can also quickly enable Internet access in such remote areas through Point to Point Wireless networks. We can enable video surveillance across critical establishments through Wireless IP CCTV and Point to Multipoint Wireless networks.

We can also design custom Wireless Engineering solutions for any unique needs inside the shipping ports and terminals and enable wireless communication and control for a wide variety of applications.