Hospitality Hotel wifi wireless survey

Internet connections have become a basic necessity in Hospitality Industry. Businessmen as well and leisure visitors use the Internet a lot while staying at hotels and resorts. They expect a great experience online and catering to their technology needs becomes an imperative to the management. A good WiFi adds a lot of value to the overall experience of guests in the property. And property owners just cannot afford to ignore the provision of seamless wireless connectivity in their premises.

Hotels and Resorts are typically characterized by a complex landscape filled with concrete buildings, open spaces, trees, wooden structures, uneven flooring, water bodies, metallic surfaces etc. Providing wireless connectivity at such locations need lots of expertise in the basic understanding of wireless concepts and material science. Randomly placing Access Points at a few locations will not fulfill the need of seamless connection across the property.

Through their years of experience working in various Wireless technologies, geographies, Industries and with a deep knowledge of wireless concepts, WLAN and material sciences, experts at Accolade Wireless will scientifically assess the nature of requirement, property landscaping, construction materials, area of coverage, future network expansion plans etc. Through an in-depth Site survey, the team will understand all the features of network usage in the property, including the traffic expected, number of concurrent users, type of applications expected to be used etc.

Using all the data points the team then proposes the best solution forward, strategically balancing the number and type of Access Points needed, type of wireless controllers(if) needed for the type of coverage and technology expected. The solution will always be a fine balance between technology and expenditure. As we have lot of experience implementing solutions from various OEMs, we are in a prime position to recommend the best network for a given requirement.

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