Accolade Wireless conducts professional wireless site survey for assessing the environments in which the Wireless Networks are going to function.

New Network Site-Surveys

Wireless Site Survey should be scientifically conducted to assess the exact technical requirements of a location to install Wireless solutions. By mapping the RF coverage of a location, Site Surveys helps to install the optimum number of hardware at required configurations for extracting the maximum value out of the installations. Professionally conducted site-surveys save time and money for the Enterprise in the long term by creating a fully secure and scalable network.

Various technical details can be ascertained from a survey, like RF interference details, Signal strength required and best locations for Access Points (APs). The survey helps to calibrate antenna choices, required power levels etc that helps to implement a highly efficient and effective wireless network.

Existing Network Checks

Accolade wireless can audit your existing Wireless Network and troubleshoot any nagging issues. If the existing network has problems like signal drops, data throughput issues, frequent disconnections etc, we can do a professional site survey to pinpoint the exact problems troubling the network.

We can fully diagnose the wireless network issues and recommend corrective steps to rectify the errant network. We can also take over the network and correct the issues for you.

The following problems can be rectified through our professional site-survey services:

  • Dead spots in the network
  • Security holes
  • RF Interference
  • Data throughput issues
  • Misbehaving Access Points

The customised site survey may take 2-3 days to complete and final report will include comprehensive reporting on the issues found and recommended corrections.

Post-Installation Survey

Accolade Wireless conducts a post-installation survey for newly implemented networks.  This survey helps the customer to acknowledge the successful delivery of services and also helps them to understand their own network and its properties. This is a way for Accolade Wireless to show the customers that the installation meets their original requirements and that they are satisfied with their decision to choose Accolade as Wireless partners