manufacturing industry wifi wireless survey

Manufacturing companies are usually situated in rugged environments and usually spread out on acres of land covered with Workshops, Admin blocks, Cafeteria blocks, logistic blocks, Gardens, Trees etc. The number of data users may not be very large, but there will be a need to interconnect various blocks and even two different factory sites with reliable data connectivity that may not be otherwise possible with traditional techniques like leased lines and fiber, due to the rugged nature of the location.

Accolade Wireless can help Manufacturing Industries, Ports, Construction Sites and various other rugged environments in implementing a reliable WLAN(WiFi). We can connect various areas within an industry campus and also two different nearby factory sites with wireless technologies like Point to Point Wireless and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Network. We can help industries having unique needs like wireless video monitoring and voice, video and data integration. We can extend data LAN and telephone connections from one block to another wirelessly. We will be able to easily overcome the harsh environments through a well planned WiFi network. Even remote locations without trained IT manpower can be brought under the central WiFi network of the company through latest available WiFi technologies.