Cloud computing is quickly changing the face of enterprise computing globally. More and more companies are looking at the advantages and shifting their core computing activities to the Cloud. This Cloud revolution has not spared the Wireless Networking space and is changing how Enterprise Wi-Fi is setup and controlled. The core benefit being that business of any size can have access to Enterprise-Class Wireless Networking solutions that doesn’t need highly trained IT people to manage day-to-day operations.

Accolade Wireless can help customers with setting up and managing of cloud controlled and cloud managed WLANs.

We recommend solutions based on the size and complexity of customer requirement and help install and maintain a secure and high uptime Cloud Wireless Solution.

Advantages of cloud wireless solutions

  • Saves Cost. No dedicated hardware controllers needed for managing WiFi
  • Easy Operations. Access Point Management is simply done through Web browser
  • Highly Scalable. As there are no hardware limitations, scalability is very high
  • Highly Secure. All data transfer between cloud and Access Points are encrypted
  • Redundant. As cloud based systems are highly redundant, chances of failure are limited
  • Saves Resources. No need of IT skilled manpower in Access Point Locations