Wireless Networking Usage

The global data revolution is aggressively moving from people to things. From documenting every aspect of human lives, it has now moved to document every state of things in homes, offices and factories. This quest of humans to capture and consume every moment of people and things has lead to widespread need of networks which can transmit data without hassles and without error. With physical cable based networks having its own in-built limitation of immobility, wireless networking is slowly becoming the de-facto standard for data connections.

Accolade Wireless provides robust Wireless networking solutions to Enterprises and workplaces for connecting people and things. We can deploy state-of-the-art wireless networks to capture and transmit data generated by the workforce and their machines. We can install and secure wireless networks which can be accessed by 1000s of employees, machines and things in complex environments like Manufacturing units, Ports, Airports, Hospitals, Events, Trade shows, etc.

Wireless LAN (WiFi)

Wireless LAN (WLAN/WiFi) enables employee mobility and significantly improves collaboration and productivity inside offices. A robust WiFi network can help people to move around an entire office campus and conduct business without getting disconnected from the information network. Data, voice and video can be accessed without any disturbance or interference. A solid IP platform can in-turn enable deployment of million other applications and services at the work place. Various electrical devices and machinery can be accessed and controlled through the wireless network from any part of the campus. This can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Organisation and may assist in controlling costs and increasing productivity.

Wireless LAN user

Accolade Wireless can deploy WiFi solutions from all leading global manufacturers life Aruba, Ruckus, Cisco etc. We can deploy Access Points (AP) in instant mode to cover smaller areas or in Wireless controller mode to cover large areas through 100s of APs. We can deploy hardware Wireless controllers inside the data center of the Organisations or implement Cloud-Wireless controllers. We can enable robust Wireless Security features and fortify the Wireless networks for complete peace of mind.

We conduct detailed analysis of various site metrics like the number of users, type of applications, concurrent usage, network area, radio interference, type of construction materials (for walls, cabins, ceilings, floor, doors), placement of machinery and other equipment/devices etc. We combine this information with data collected from in-depth professional site-surveys, and arrive at an optimal solution for a requirement.

Point to Point Wireless (PTP)

Enterprises can harness long distance Wireless Networking technologies for accessing information in locations where data networks are not available. Accolade Wireless can connect remote office locations, factories, ports, education institutes etc with Point-to-Point wireless radios. We can provide gigabit wireless back-haul connectivity to enable information flow to locations far away from mainstream networks. Enterprises and institutions can save significant costs in laying fiber and leased lines to remote locations. The locations can be anywhere from few 100 meters to many kilometers away.

point to point wireless radio

We can also enable solutions like video surveillance in difficult terrains like shipping ports, manufacturing units and cityscapes through Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networking (PTM). We can connect and control multiple wireless CCTVs and other equipment without the hassle of data cabling. PTM can also be used to quickly connect multiple buildings inside a campus without cabling each individual building.