Enterprise company office wifi wireless survey

Offices and Enterprise Campuses are filled with knowledge workers who primarily work with data. Hence it becomes highly imperative for an organisation to provide uninterrupted and very high uptime data connectivity for seamless operations. Patchy connectivity can directly affect the revenues by disrupting the employee workflow and customer response time.  There will be various areas that need to be effectively covered inside the enterprise, like work floor, conference halls, cafeteria, visitor area, research labs etc. Various authentication methods may be needed to cover different user types inside a typical organisation.

Accolade Wireless can help companies to effectively implement WLAN(WiFi). We can execute a highly professional site-survey, through which we can find radio interference, blind spots, rogue access points and other such interference to arrive at the right solution for each office location. We take into consideration the type of walls (brick, glass, stone etc) and accordingly decide on wireless network design and device specifications for implementation.  As latency is a highly critical element in enterprises, we design solutions that conform to the highest standards without packet drop issues. We can implement various wireless security authentications for allowing the right type of access to the relevant users.