Organisations involved in various stages of wireless solution development for their needs can benefit from the deep expertise offered by Accolade Wireless in Designing, Prototyping & Testing Wireless Solutions.

Accolade Wireless can help Enterprises to execute complex wireless projects involving Electrical and Electronic engineering requirements. The team can competently design, engineer and test the wireless solutions. Whether you are planning solutions in IoT, WLAN or Telecom, we have you covered. We can value-add to the solution development process in the following ways:

Solution Feasibility/Conception:

Analysing the technical feasibility of the wireless solution, developing theoretical models and frameworks for analysis

Solution Design:

Proof-of-Concept(POC) design for the required solution. POC deployment, feedback generation and implementation

Solution Prototyping

Full solution development, software/firmware design & development, software/hardware integrations

Solution Deployment / System Integration

Full solution deployment, hardware / software deployments

Testing & Commissioning

End-to-End testing and commissioning of custom wireless solutions as per originally agreed terms and conditions.


After-sales support for custom solutions provided by Accolade Wireless with full maintenance agreements.